Control a Ball on Plate System

Ball on Plate

In my master thesis I controlled the position of a ball on a plate using methods from control theory and reinforcement learning (Policy Search). I investigated in designing robust controllers using multi model pole placement and H-infinity methods (using Matlab systune).

ROS, Robot Control System, OpenCV, Cpp, Matlab


Building a Ballbot


Construction, Control and Simulation of a Ballbot. This is a robot that balances on three omniwheels on a ball.

ROS, Gazebo, Matlab, CAD, Cpp

Simulation Real World Tests Detailed Description (pdf) Git Repro

PD Controller of Mass Spring Damper


A PD controller of a mass spring damper system. With differential equations and locus curve (Ortskurve). You can adjust all parameters (mass, damper etc.) and simultaneously the differential equation is solved and the step response visualized!

Javascript, Control Theory

Link to site

Ball Tracking (>50Hz, 1mm precision)

Ball Tracking

A fast and precise multiple Ball Tracking Alogrithm, that is able to estimate the position, velocity and acceleration of a ball with a kalman filter. The position of the ball is determined in a reltative coordinate System by Aruco Markers. The Ball is tracked by the use of rgb images. It is also shown a method that uses point-cloud data to track a ball.

ROS, OpenCV, Cpp, Intel Real sense camera used


Ball on Plate System

Ball on Plate Simulation

In this project I control the position of a ball lying on a plate. The plate is controlled by a 7dof kuka arm. The position and velocity of the ball is measured by a camera.

ROS, Gazebo, OpenCV, Cpp, Matlab

Video Github Repo

RL Train a 4-Player Card Game


As I am a very passionate card game player, I always look for competitors. In order to learn from an expert I successfully trained an agent that wins in 95% games against random players.

Python 3.6, PyQt 5, Pytorch, twisted, Deep-Learning